We are a group of citizens opposed to the continued expansion of industrial geoduck aquaculture on the fragile tidelands of Puget Sound. The shellfish industry believes that all available tidelands should be used for the intensive production of shellfish, particularly, geoducks, to sell primarily to markets outside of the country. Please join with us to protect these sensitive wildlife areas in Puget Sound.

Please sign the Coalition Petition to Protect Puget Sound Habitat Petition to stop enabling plastic and pesticide pollution in Puget Sound.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Protect Great Blue Heron Family in Zangle Cove

"Five on a Log", Zangle Cove

Great Blue Heron are solitary birds and it is rare to see more than one. But this is a new family, with the parents on either end of the log and the hatchlings in the center. We want to protect the Great Blue Heron who feed directly in the area of the proposed industrial geoduck farm in Zangle Cove

Please sign our Coalition to Protect Puget Sound Habitat petition to Governor Jay Inslee and our Washington State Legislators.

We want Gov. Inslee to know that the whole world is watching and that he can't hide from the truth about this destructive industry. We are trading our precious tidelands, home to many native species, for some rich guy's aphrodisiacal fantasies and satisfied belly in China. It is unthinkable.

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