We are a group of citizens opposed to the continued expansion of industrial geoduck aquaculture on the fragile tidelands of Puget Sound. The shellfish industry believes that all available tidelands should be used for the intensive production of shellfish, particularly, geoducks, to sell primarily to markets outside of the country. Please join with us to protect these sensitive wildlife areas in Puget Sound.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Superior Court Judge Affirms Denial of Geoduck Farm Permit

4/5/2015, Young Bald Eagle on the log.

On 4/3/15 Judge Murphy of the Thurston County Superior Court confirmed the denial of a permit in the deTienne Case. The denial, according to our reading of the SHB decision, was largely due to the presence of eelgrass on the subtidal plot.

The photo, taken a few days ago, is of a young Bald Eagle sitting on the log on Mr. Sohn's tideland. This log is a favorite perch spot for both the Bald Eagles and the Great Blue Herons.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Court Date for Eelgrass in Puget Sound

Eelgrass In Zangle Cove, 2008

The Pierce County Detienne geoduck aquaculture farm permit was denied by the Shoreline Hearings Board. Tomorrow (4/3/15) the appeal to that ruling will be heard in Superior Court. This is an important case because it is about eelgrass.

There are two big pushes in Puget Sound: 1) restoration of Puget Sound including restoration of eelgrass, because eelgrass is a primary habitat for marine life, and 2) expansion of shellfish aquaculture with an emphasis on industrial geoduck aquaculture. Eelgrass has largely been "run out of town" by shoreline uses and especially by shoreline aquaculture. And if the industry defends itself saying that shoreline armoring has been the cause of all the problems, then they have to concede that they are dealing the death blow with geoduck aquaculture on the tidelands. There is virtually no eelgrass left in South Puget Sound, with the exception of Zangle Cove.

These two goals are on a collision course and the shellfish industry will do everything it can to get the legal system to acquiesce to its contentions about geoduck farming and eelgrass. Anybody with eyes to see knows that the facts speak for themselves--geoduck farming will severely stress eelgrass, if not eliminate it.